martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

PkDiccionario, para bajar y leer

I not the author of this file. That person was Simon Hickinbotham, who originally maintained it at his homepage at the University of York.

Since it is no longer extant except for a few bootleg copies floating about on the Web, it's clear that he no longer has the time to maintain it. So, in his stead, I have given it a new home and cleaned it up a bit.

I am slowly going through it to add proper inter-item hyperlinking for each reference, and cleaning up a few typos, so if this note is still here, I haven't finished yet. And now, over to Simon: This is a glossary of terms used by Philip K Dick (hereafter referred to as PKD).

The description of each term is based on my (or someone else's) best guess at the meaning, with opinions, criticisms, bad jokes etc.

Hopefully this approach will keep the thing interesting, instead of it being just a dry, dusty description of words that PKD used. It could be argued that some of the words here are not exclusive to PKD, but I've included them because I think he put a spin on the usual meaning. What I'm trying to achieve is an overview of the ideas that Dick grappled with - all of them, even the silly/trivial ones - via the terms that he used to label them. To save my blunt and bloody fingers, I've found it necessary to provide a reference section so I don't keep having to type out the full title of a PKD work.

References to works where a term is used are represented by a code: A number refers to the year the work was first published, followed by a sensible four-letter reduction of the title of the work. 

I'm trying to give brief descriptions of each story I refer to - but sometimes I ramble on a bit!